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Ausavil 2 S.L. is a company founded in 2002 with the objective of achieving the leadership on its sector.

We are a manufacturer and wholesaler of stuff for garden business, orchard, cleaning products, enology and oliomaquia headquartered in Galicia, with distributors all over Spain and Portugal. We also have a factory in Esposende in northern Portugal, where we manufacture the stainless steel to make the deposits for food storage and chassis for all models of our production machines, such as pressure water cleaners, generators, sulfater work trucks, furniture wash box, oil producer mills...

We work with quality, which allows us to be dealers of our own brands: STARK, SPORT GARDEN and ENOIL. Our Research Department works every day with top professionals to bring to the market products that fulfill all required regulations in matters of quality. All our products have EC Certification and are approved, so that all our customers feel that they are purchasing products with the maximum quality and reliability.

The attention of qualified staff, the support of recognized international prestige suppliers and of our large distribution network allows us to guarantee the high quality of our products and services. We have also a fast parts department that allows obtaining any component and the best service with minimal delay giving at the same time a complete technical service to our customers.

We are making a significant investment in promotion and development projects to increase the responsiveness to increasingly demanding markets. Today, our products are already in 9 countries, expansion that is in full development and we expect to continue growing.

We hope that all information contained in our rates would be useful, also thanking all trust you have placed in us.

Sincerely, All equipment Ausavil 2 S. L.


The main goal of Ausavil must be to do that our clients feel safe with our products. So we have different types of national and international brands that they search to achieve the maximum quality with the best price.